Monthly Archives: May 2018

My Shaldan JDM Natural Air Fresheners

The My Shaldan is high-quality, gel-type car air freshener that is made from natural citrus peel extracts from fruits like oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and limes. These are then processed and separated into single strength juice and peel oil. This extracted oil is Limonene which emits a naturally refreshing citrus fragrance that is strong enough to freshen a whole car or

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Import Crate Shop Now Open

IMPORT CRATE SHOP IS NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS! THE SHOP FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT CARS We are launching our retail shop for customers wishing to purchase our high-performance line of car air fresheners. We are only listing a limited number of items but eventually will add more so keep checking! You can visit our retail site at

Marco’s Nissan Widebody 370Z

This young gentleman came to our booth looking for Philippine flag air fresheners. We started talking and he invited me to come take a look at his car. Check out this awesome Nissan 370Z widebody. You can follow him on Instagram @marcoshiroz