Frequently Asked Questions



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The fastest way to get your questions and concerns responded to is by chatting with our live support team who handles every customer on a one to one basis.

Need to send a longer message? Send us an email on our Contact Us page.

No problem: just sign in to your account to update your address or switch your subscription.

Sign in to your account in the top right corner of our site, then click on your name to view your account. You’ll see a list of your current subscriptions. Click the “cancel” link next to the “Next billing date” text.

To change your subscription, first unsubscribe from your current subscription; then subscribe to the new one you wish to receive. To unsubscribe, simply sign in to your account in the top right corner of our site. Click on your name to view your account. You’ll see a list of your current subscriptions. Click the “cancel” link next to the “Next billing date” text.


Monthly Subscriptions can be canceled at any time.

Be sure to fill out your Profile so we can learn more about you and what you’re looking to discover. Your Order Confirmation will have an estimated ship date so you’ll know to keep an eye out for your first box. While you wait, check out our Shop, which is stocked with our products so you’ll have an idea of what’s in store!

Nope! Your Import Crate subscription won’t have any shipping or handling fees. If your billing address is in Texas, sales tax will be applied to your order.

Monthly subscriptions can be canceled during the subscription period, but only after receipt of the first month’s box. If you would like to cancel your monthly subscription after receiving the first box, then please be sure to do so at least 5 business days before your subscription renews for that month; otherwise you will continue to be billed for the following month’s box. There are no cancellation fees. In order to cancel your subscription, simply contact us via email or cancel your
subscription via your account page to let us know that you wish to cancel.

Currently, we do not offer subscription plans other than monthly plans. However, we plan to offer in the future.

Your account will automatically be placed on a billing hold when your billing information is not current (i.e., expiration date is incorrect, credit card number is no longer valid, etc.). When billing is processed at the beginning of the month, if your account is placed on a billing hold, you will receive an email notification alerting you that you have 48 hours to correct your billing information for your subscription. If you updated your billing within the allotted time frame but the information is incorrect, you will receive a follow up email notification as a reminder to change your billing, so that it can be processed. Please know that we cannot reserve that month’s box for you if the billing hold remains on your account. As indicated in the email notification, all subscriptions placed on billing holds that are not updated within 7 days will automatically be closed. While the subscription will be closed, your account will remain active, but will require you to create another subscription.

We recommend using the same email address when creating a new subscription.

You are immediately charged once you subscribe. If you cancel right away, this will only ensure that your subscription will not renew.

After the first month has completed, you will be billed every month on the same date as your first signed up until your subscription expires or you decide to cancel your monthly subscription.

Residents of Texas pay sales tax, which shows up on the confirmation page of the subscription process. This is because we are headquartered in Dallas. All subscription plans include free shipping.

You will be billed for your first month immediately upon placing your order for a monthly subscription.


Yes! Import Crate ships to Canada, Australia and other countries.

When you first sign up, we will ship your box within 3 to 5 days of your sign up. After your first box, you will receive your box one a month.

Our monthly boxes ship out around the 15th – 20th of each month.

We sometimes will show a sneak peek of products in upcoming boxes on our social media accounts. We have hundreds of varieties of air fresheners in our collection.

You can browse our website or our wholesale website to get an idea of the brands and products that we have.

In short, yes and no. Most of the air fresheners that we include in our boxes are not sold at just any retail or big box retailers. And majority are not sold outside the United States.

You might be able to find some of these items online but because of the sizes and the weights, the cost of shipping a single item would cost almost double the price of the product itself.

For example, due to the size and dimensions, some of our products has to be shipped as a package as it does not fit in an envelope, so the cost of shipping a single item can cost more than the product itself.

Even with buying a full case online, you will not be able to get a variety in each case as most sellers sell these items as wholesale and with the same product and fragrance on each case.

The most enjoyable and cost-effective way is through our subscription boxes.

Every Import Crate box varies depending on the subscription plan you choose. All our plans include premium air fresheners from top-name brands like My Shaldan, Treefrog, Diax, Rabbico, Air Tumbler, and many others. Please refer to our Subscription Plans page for details on different subscription plans.

Import Crate offers monthly subscription plans for domestic and international subscribers. Once you sign up for your preferred plan, you will receive a box every month with random JDM air fresheners based on the subscription plan that you signed up with.

The term “Japanese domestic market” refers to Japan’s home market for vehicles. For the importer, these terms refer to vehicles and parts designed to conform to Japanese regulations and to suit Japanese buyers. In regards to our air fresheners, the term JDM is used as these Japanese air fresheners are quite popular with car enthusiasts who are into JDM cars.

Import Crate provides exclusive subscription boxes featuring premium JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) car air fresheners. We are changing the way customers purchase these types of air fresheners to make it convenient and cost-effective.


If you receive a damaged or broken item in your box, please email us and attach details and a photograph of the damaged item. We will arrange for a replacement to be sent to you as long as you contact us within 7 days of receiving your order.

You can make changes to your billing and shipping information by changing your information in your account. Please complete any address changes before the first of the month. If you miss the deadline, then there is a risk that your Import Crate box may go to the previous address we had on file for you and you will be subject to a re-shipping fee. Please refer to our Terms of Use for more information. Please note that it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that your address is current and that you are able to receive packages, which do not require a signature.

Shipping is free for subscribers on all our subscription plans.

Import Crate ships worldwide. Boxes are sent via the US Postal Service from the State of Texas. With this service, the post office will drop off your package without signature confirmation. You will receive a tracking email once your box has shipped.

Your Import Crate box will ship around the 15th-20th of the month. Once your box has shipped, you will receive an email with your tracking number so you can follow your package’s progress. Your box should arrive an estimated 3-7 business days after it ships. It could take up to 14-21 business days if the box is being shipped to Canada and other international destinations because of customs.

You can log into your account to track your order. We also send you emails regarding your tracking number and status.

Yes, we offer International subscriptions. Please refer to our International Subscription Plans for details. *NOTE: There may also be local taxes and tariffs on receipt of package. Import Crate is not responsible for covering those costs.